OWL Outpost

A hidden gem lies only seventeen miles Northwest of Brookings on the peaceful shores of six interconnected bodies of water that make up the beautiful Oakwood Lakes.  That gem is the Oak Wood Lakes (OWL) newly opened Outpost.  

The OWL, as the locals call it, has been host to over fifty weddings and twenty-five reunions over the past five years alone.  If you’re looking for a little extra privacy, the recent addition of the OWL Outpost venue is just the place.  It is a multi-purpose facility that boasts over 2,000 square/feet that includes a mini event hall with seating for 50 patrons, two bathrooms, a master kitchen, a loft area with a bedroom and private lounge area, and a bar area call the Tetonkaha Tavern that allows you to slow down in front of an antique fireplace.

The OWL is a perfect place to make a quick get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to have a business off-site; holiday party; birthday party; club meeting; scrapbooking or quilting event; fundraiser activity; motorcycle/car/snowmobile poker run; girls night out; couples retreat; afternoon picnic; staging area for a day fishing/hiking/kayaking/camping/frisbee golf at Oakwood Lakes State Park; a family gathering; or just a place to get away from it all to relax and get reacquainted with friends after a long week of work around the fire pit.

Lastly, consider making the OWL your Headquarters for a quick day or weekend getaway for the simple reason of being a central hub location of activities in Brookings County, from attending a SDSU event in Brookings just 17 miles to the Southwest, to golfing or boating on Lake Poinsett 12 miles to the Northwest, to fishing Lake Thompson 30 miles due West or consider just walking across the road to the hidden gem of Oakwood Lakes 0 miles!

OWL Outpost Reservation Rates

  WEEKEND RATE           = $1,200 flat rate (Fri-Sun= 3 Days & 2 Nights)

  WEEK DAY RATE          = $   300 flat rate (Mon-Thurs)

  WEEKEND DAY RATE   = $   400 flat rate (Fri-Sun)                                                                     


  WEEK DAY HUNT RATE            = Outpost @ $300/day/group (Mon-Thurs)

  WEEKEND DAY HUNT RATE     = Outpost @ $400/day/group (Fri-Sun)

  • 50% non-refundable deposit is required--dates are not secured until a deposit is received by the OWL Lodge & Outpost. Rates DO NOT INCLUDE South Dakota Sales Tax. 
  • $500 Security Deposit is required at check-in. Pending damages, it will be returned at the end of your stay during the final walk through.
  • $500 surcharge for weddings & groups larger than 100 guests.
  • Lodge & Outpost Check-In @ 1:00 pm Check-Out @ 11:00 am

OWL Operations reserves the right to not accept new or previous group reservation.

Choose your Dates Below:

Available for Bookings.
Reserved Dates.
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JUNE - 2018  

  29 Jun - 1 July           @ Lodge & Outpost              DeKnikker & Bak Wedding Weekend

JULY - 2018

  28 July                       @ Outpost                            Sioux Valley Class of 1993 Reunion

August - 2018

  03-05 August              @ Lodge & Outpost              Farrell & Renkly Wedding Weekend

  17-19 August              @ Lodge & Outpost             (HOLD) Shadewald Wedding Weekend

September - 2018

  07-09 September         @ Lodge & Outpost              Lawrence & Rausch Wedding Weekend